Low downtime fat removal: Smarter Lipo

Fat Removal around the chin, cheek, jowls arms, knees, face, bra bulge, abdomen and more

Smarter Lipo Treatment

Dr. Peter Malouf performs tumescent liposuction, which is an advanced liposuction technique that is more controlled and safer than traditional liposuction. There is no general anesthesia, which means a significantly shorter recovery time than other liposuction procedures. The skin is filled with a local anesthetic that stays in the system for 18-24 after the surgery, which in turn will greatly help the post-operative pain.

Quicker Recovery Time

When the anesthetic is injected into the fat, it causes it to become swollen and firm. This anesthetic is injected with an additional agent that will also vastly reduce the usual bruising and bleeding associated with liposuction, making for a much more comfortable experience. After the local anesthesia is injected, incisions are made to insert a small, pinhole like device that will suction out the fat. Up until this technique was developed a large amount of blood loss was associated with liposuction, often causing the patient to need blood transfusions post operation. By using the tumescent method, Dr. Peter Malouf can safely remove fat from many areas of the body, including thighs, stomach, buttocks, face, and neck. Recovery time for this procedure is 2-3 days for those with office jobs, so it is feasible that you could get liposuction on Friday afternoon and be able to be back at work on Monday! For those with a more physically demanding job, it may take up to a week to make a full enough recovery to return to work. Patients will notice an improved silhouette in as little as a week, but it may take up to a few months for all the swelling to subside.







  • Service
  • Tumescent Liposuction – 1 Area
  • Price
  • $2800
  • Price Per Month (18 Months)
  • $155.56

Reduce Liposuction Scarring

No sutures are involved when using the tumescent liposuction technique, leading to a reduced chance of scarring. The fatty tissue can also be removed more precisely than in the past, and the final results are often much smoother with far fewer skin abnormalities. With all of these advantages over traditional liposuction, you would think that this type of procedure would be more expensive…this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because it can be done in a clinical setting, tumescent liposuction will save on operating room costs as well as the cost of an anesthesiologist.

Body Sculpting

When undergoing any cosmetic procedure, it is important to choose a doctor with experience, and doing research is key when deciding. Dr. Peter Malouf is one of the most respected cosmetic dermatologists in the DFW metroplex and has numerous years of experience under his belt. If you are interested in learning if you are a good candidate for this life-changing treatment, please contact our office (214-890-6130) to set up your consultation.


Above and Beyond my Expectations
Exercise, Juice Cleanses, Paleo Diet, Z Wave, and Sculpure nothing diminished those stubborn problem areas. Dr Malouf has been performing Tumescent Lipo since 1999 and is an expert. Tumescent is a permanent way to remove fat and improve your silhouette. I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr Malouf is professional, knowledgeable, attentive and will answer all your questions. Dr. Malouf and…

Andrea Mack

Pricing disclaimer: The price includes the procedure fee but does not cover is the cost of prescriptions any labwork, if necessary. Once you have decided on a surgical plan with Dr. Malouf during your consultation, you’ll be given a quote with the exact price of your surgery.

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